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Rocks rock ! How is that for a start ?

I have to admit, that I have never seen these kind of decorations before. I saw your work randomly on the internet, and I fell in love at the first sight with your decorations. As I told you, our magazine promotes handmade art, especially jewelry and wearable art, and your lucky charms and rock jewelry caught my attention immediately.

With this interview, I want to introduce your work in Romania, so please help us understand your creations. Tell us about Sehnaz Bac, the artist behind the label I Sassi Dell`Adriatico, for the beginning.

How did you come to make these decorations? When did you get the idea?

I am working with a variety of mediums for many years now; mediums such as watercolor, acrylics, ink. I had a Lymphoma in 2006 and my life has changed. After I won this war against illness, my life slowly began to return to its normal way. Since, I live in a small Italian city near the Adriatic coast, walking along the seaside and collecting beautiful stones and the idea of painting them, came to me at first as a form of therapy with colors, for good energy. Then this idea turned into passion for me.

How can you decorate with them?

Decorating stones, painting them is not a complicate work. Washing them and preparing some colors are enough to begin to work with them. Then you can use them as decorative objects in your home, garden, even in your pocket. Or wear them as wonderful jewelry.

How do you choose a rock for decoration? What are supposed to be its qualities?

When I collect the stones, first of all I look at the shape. Because shape tells me, most of the time, what it can be transformed into. Of course, smoothness and uniformity are also important.

The colors are so vibrant, the decorations stand out right away! How do you choose the colors? Do you prepare the paint yourself?

The colors that I choose to paint my stones belong to my inner world. I work mostly with brilliant colors because, I believe they are really giving out a good and positive energy. I like to work with different colors by mixing them. Creating new colors is also a great way to go deeper into your imagination.

How do you make the design? Do you conceive it?

When I begin to decorate a stone, most times the shape of stone gives me the way. If I want to design an owl, bird or fish, I’ll do a sketch on the stone with a pencil. But I create all the details of the design in that moment. Then I paint them. For mandalas is a little different, I draw/paint  the design directly on stone without making a sketch. In that way I can feel the connection between my heart and my hand. I love to create unique works.

Please tell us, which are the steps of decorating a rock?

After I collect my stones, I wash them with water with the help of a brush. When they are dry, they are ready to be painted. Then I use acrylics to paint a base color, but sometimes I leave them natural and directly paint/design on them. When the base color is dry, I begin to decorate them with small brushes, paint pens with extra fine tips; and for very detailed works I use Isographs. They are technical drawing pens with ink and need extra attention to use them. After I decorate my stones, I seal them with an acrylic base varnish with UV protection. It can be glossy or matte.

Which is the most inspirational design for you? Why?

The most inspirational design for me is the mandala. Mandalas (Circles in Sanskrit) are sacred symbols used for meditation, prayer, healing and art therapy. I love to draw them, every mandala I draw gives me a different energy, joy, better feelings and mostly, love for everything.

Please tell us about how you make the pendants. Do you drill into the rock?

For my stone pendants, I get help from a friend. He is so perfect in that work, using a drill with a very small tip – without breaking the stone he is able to make a small hole and putting a small hanging ring in it.

At the end of our brief experience, I would like your permission to add a few pictures of your designed items.

Thank you for your beautiful work and for the opportunity of meting you, even if we met just virtually!

And I need to say it again….You Rock !





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If you want to follow my activity outside Revista Atelierul, check out my website here.

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