Dafna Yarom – refined jewelry

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Shalom Mrs Yarom and thank you for talking to us!

As my audience knows already, I dedicated a series of articles related to paper jewelry. I want to introduce you and your work to the magazine`s followers in order to complete our knowledge about these paper items.

1.Tell us something about yourself and how did you discover your love for crafting?

I embarked on my love affair with paper more than twenty years ago. As part of my degree work in graphic design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, I participated in a handmade paper workshop. I’ve discovered a whole new world of materials and senses. After long staying in Japan, where I explored new ways to make art with paper, I came back home with an urge to create paper jewelry.

In a quest for information and inspiration, I found your work online. I wanted to ask you since I first saw your pendants: are you sure it`s paper? They are so elegant.

It is absolutely paper ! 🙂

2. Do you use other materials except paper? Are these materials ordinary, or do you need a special kind of paper, for instance?

My creations are based on choosing the right pieces of paper out of a vast collection, whether purchased, recycled, handmade or a handful of leftovers from older works. I also combine paper with surprising materials to create original imaginative jewelry.

3. What inspires you in your creations? We are eager to find out how do you make those beautiful pendants.

Everything inspires me. The material leads, and I follow – taking advantage of the opportunities it offers to stir my imagination.

4. Tell us a little about the process of creating a piece of jewelry with your technique. Do you use special instruments in the process?

I use many techniques to mold the paper pulp and to decorate the central pieces of my jewelry. You might find specific instructions in my DIY book „Creative Paper Jewelry” that was published on September 2010 in the USA.

5. How do you seal the final product?

With mat varnish and sometimes with Jeweler’s grade resin.

6. Do you have a design for these jewels, or you just go with the creation`s flow?

Mostly with the creation’s flow…

7. Your creations have a glamour touch due to the silver and golden effects. Is this your signature?

No, but sometimes I found gold as an added value.

8. What do you like to create most?

I love to create and design. Over the years, I have designed and created jewelry, lamps, and cardboard furniture. I also create paper drawings using handmade paper and papers from my vast collection. My works have appeared in exhibitions and galleries throughout Israel and abroad.

9. In the end of our interview, I have to ask you THE question: why would anyone wear paper jewelry? How can we convince the audience is safe to wear?

They are durable and would last for many years, I wear my jewelry for more than twenty years and on a daily basis.

Thank you for your time; it`s been a pleasure talking to you!

With your approval, I will present a photo gallery with your work.

If you want to follow my activity outside Revista Atelierul, check out my website here.