Eszter Imre: „I always go after the so-called impossible”

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I met Eszter Imre during my visit at Tendence, in the Talents section. Her beautiful ceramic jewelry captivated me instantly, as it is both nostalgic and elegant, reminding me of golden days. Her pieces are unmistakable beautifully designed statement pieces that one can’ t help but adore.

Eszter was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and I invite you to discover her work with porcelain, a material that clearly she loves.

Tell us something about yourself and how did you discover your passion for design and ceramics?

I am an aImreszti_portre_photobyKataKisverage girl with a passionate personality and a curious mind. Ceramic somehow came across my life and became my partner in it. I’m not sure if I choose It or It choose me, but we have a very good relationship these days. I went to an art specialized high-school in Hungary and I applied to be accepted to the graphics department first. I was not. But I got into the ceramic department as my second choice, and that was the best thing that could possible happen. I had the wisest Master in those years, who thought me everything about this material. From then there was no way turning back.

What inspired you to create the Table-Wear collection?

This collection was inspired by the traditional porcelain tableware that you can find in people’s home as collectibles, representing status and exposed as family treasure, but barely used. Their delicate value is precious and they are created by the best craftsmen in the industry. Their beauty is timeless but often covered by dust in the cupboards or glass-cases. I only lifted their delicate details that already had the quality of jewellery, brought it into daylight and everyday life, transfer them into jewellery by placing them on the body.

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teatime_photo by Zoltan Racskay

I know you have a very interesting work process – could you describe for our readers the steps you take to make a piece from the Table Wear collection?

This collection is special because I had the honor to work together with a luxury porcelain factory in Hungary, who offered their production tools and help of their workers. I made every single piece by hand myself, chose shapes and details from the company’s selection and created compositions in many different styles.

After I cast the original cup or plate I cut it to parts and combine the pieces. Therefore all the pieces in the collection (more than 100) are unique and individual. After firing and glazing my pieces, I ask the best craftsmen to paint the beautiful patterns by hand and the objects come alive with colors and gold in the final fire.




What other kind of products do you design? Do you use other types of materials?

My main material is porcelain for the last 6 years. I have my studio set up for this kind of work. I create all sort of objects made of porcelain, from functional ware to individual art pieces. I stretch the boundaries of this material and myself and always go after the so-called impossible. I like challenges and there is a lot to explore with this pure, beautiful material. The wider selection of my work can be found on my website or social media of my brand.
We discovered your brand at Tendence, in the Talents section. How did you find the Tendence experience? 
It was an unique opportunity for me. I am not a jewellery designer myself, I just happened to have a collection that is practically jewellery, but for me it is much more connected to my original passion, porcelain. Therefore it was interesting to try out a new context, where my objects are looked upon from the perspective of jewellery and to find out that they are appreciated in that field as well. I met interesting people, had inspiring talks and received interest in my work from various places. I am fully satisfied and happy with this fair, which was, by the way, my first.
Where can we find your works?

I live and work in Gothenburg, Sweden where I run my business, and have my studio for prototyping and make my small scale production. But I would say my brand is rather international. I can be found online very easily.

I do have a few places who exclusively sell my limited editions like for example Entretempo Kitchen Gallery in Berlin, Germany Kastello – Kaffe och interiör in Gothenburg, Sweden. I exhibit in many shows and participate in all kind of events all year around so it is very likely to meet me in any country. I try to inform my followers through my website, twitter and FB page.


Photo credit: Vivienne Balla // Kata Kis // Zoltan Racskay