The White Night for Product Creators and Designers for the first time in Timişoara

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This year Timișoara hosts the project White Night for Product Creators and Designers, following other cities’ example, like Iasi and Cluj, in an attemp to promote creative people, designers and creators of unique products. The association Atelierul de Creaţie (The Creation Workshop) brings the White Night into town on October 31st 2015, between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m., at the cultural center Ambasada (2nd Anton Seiller Street).

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Afis Noaptea alba a creatorilor si designerilor de produs TM

The event is free and it represents a true challenge, not only for creators and designers, but also for all those who appreciate the authors’ works of art. The White Night for Product Creators and Designers is a pop-up exhibition organized by Mihaela Ion and Teodora Vlădescu that come up with a new concept for events of this kind. Therefore, the exhibits will be accompanied by the most interesting social chill rhythms and groove influences, mixed live all night by DJ Frunză.

You can feel the wind of change in Timişoara and you can be sure that many works of art have found their place in the contemporary art here. We invite you to spend a wonderful night together with designers and national creators and to use the hashtag #blanchenuit that keeps you informed about the event.

The present edition of The White Night for Product Creators and Designers is financed by the Administration of National Cultural Fund and it is held in three cities from Romania: Cluj-Napoca (on October 17th, at the Casino Center for urban culture), Bucharest (on October 24th, at the Romanian Cultural Institute) and Timişoara (on October 31st, at Ambasada – the Embassy). The project will end with the launch of the exhibition’s catalogue, written in three languages.

In the last four years, The White Night for Product Creators and Designers has become a networking platform, both active and inspiring, dedicated to creative and talented people from Romania. Our project was a finalist in the Civil Society Gala, in the sections Art and culture and Impact. Also, our volunteers were among the finalists at the Volunteers’ National Gala, the section Art and culture. This project made it possible for more than 150 Romanian designers and product creators to meet and share their views.

The project The White Night for Product Creators and Designers is run by the members of the association Atelierul de Creaţie, a non-profit organization that has been supporting – over the past five years – alternative ideas when it comes to exhibiting in new cultural venues. Through its active implication in the promotion of the creative industry, the association manages to encourage the contemporary values of the Romanian culture.