Susan Lenart Kazmer Contemporary Talisman Jewelry

Susan Lenart Kazmer Contemporary Talisman Jewelry

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Cea mai recentă colecţie realizată de Susan Lenart Kaymer, Relic +Rune va fi prezentată în cadrul Artistar 2019. Ediţia din 2019 a Artistar face parte din Milano Design week, şi va fi găzduită la Palazzo  Bovara, o clădire istorică din centrul vechi din Milano. Detalii despre expoziţia Relic + Rune găsiţi în comunicatul de presă de mai jos:

Relic + Rune

Relic + Rune, the new collection of Susan Lenart Kazmer, was inspired by the artist’s legacy with the Talisman world. She had the opportunity to travel the world, staying in small villages in Southeast Asia where there were no hotels, sleeping in barns and on the outside of local farmers’ buildings. She met people from Karen, Hmong and Akha communities and experienced life in a small simple village without internet, electricity or TV, just a pure way of living.

Newly inspired to Talismans and symbolism, she began buying artifacts, beads and hand woven fabrics. With each piece that passed through her hands she felt the object’s power, love and strength, learning that these very qualities were embedded into the objects themselves by use of emotions, desires and repetition.  This is what creates a Talisman.  Relic + Rune Jewels are common altered objects that give the appearance and feel of an ancient + sacred adornment. The artist implement layers of rubbings, prayers, intentions into this piece to provide the feel of ancient relevance and the sacred divinity of a Relic.

Artistar Jewels and the Fashion Runways

Susan Lenart Kazmer will present this collection at Artistar Jewels 2019, annual project of Contemporary Jewelry that collects the most talented artists of this field. The 2019 event is scheduled during the Milan Fashion Week and it will be hosted in Palazzo Bovara, an historical location in the city centre of Milano. All the creations are also published in a volume that is distributed worldwide and sent to more than 5.000 commercial contacts all over the world, such as buyer, concept stores, galleries and journalists. Susan’s jewels were selected for her ability in putting a whole world into her creations.

One of the artist’s skill is the great ability of building runway jewelry to compliment a line of clothing that helps portraying a look of raw, bold, adventurous, powerful and spiritual jewelry on the fashion runway. That’s the reason way her presence during the Fashion Week is so appropriate.


Susan Lenart Kazmer is an artist, silversmith and designer of 23 years.  She studied at the Art institute of Chicago and graduated from Southern Illinois University. Diploma in hand she wondered what to do next. Not necessarily trained for a job she quickly realized that to be an artist she needed a lot more experience under her belt in order to develop an interesting body of work. Having always loved adornment, she soon realized that the obscure study of sacred adornment was the path she was pulled to take.

During art school she frequented the Field Museum in Chicago and became inspired by artifacts and relics.  She worked as an ethnographic repair artisan in the Chicago area on West African beadwork and adornment, as well as East Indian Naga and Thailand components and jewelry. Here she would repair or rebuild historical pieces of jewelry and fibers learning through examination how pieces were built. This where she began to learn what connection techniques would last through time as well as witnessing innovative use of materials and their significant meanings. 

Creations are available online at

Instagram: Susanlenartkazmer  

Facebook: Susanlenartkazmer


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