Morus: „a product has to be simple, practical, useful and beautiful”

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About Morus – the humanitarian enterprise that offers products that are entirely handmade with natural materials known as les matériaux nobles, discovered along the Silk Road – we have written before and as promised, here is the interview with Myriam Shwayri, the founder of this amazing company.

Myriam Shwayri - MORUS

You founded Morus in 2011. Three years later you are already present on the international market, which is really inspiring. What inspired you to create Morus and how was your journey so far?
Thank you. I love my homeland, Lebanon. I like beautiful and simple designs. And I am also inspired by special folks who are able to work against all odds. All of this inspired me to come up with MORUS. The journey has been so far pretty exciting and yet it is still at its beginning: I have not changed gears yet!

What does Morus mean to you?
Technically MORUS is the Latin word for the Mulberry tree. For me, it is a passion. Simply.

Morus is a humanitarian enterprise. What does this entitle? What would you say are the biggest challenges? What about the greatest opportunities?
With MORUS I cooperate with international designers and produce all our products in Lebanon by artisans, women and adults with special needs (we like to call them special folks). It is a way for me to give back to my country, and most importantly, to the group of producers: all proceeds from MORUS go to the artisans, women and special folks. The biggest challenge of course remains in finding the best opportunities for this great group of producers!

Collection NOMAD - MORUS

 Collection NOMAD – MORUS

Could you walk us through the journey a product takes from an idea, to design, production and into the customers’ hands?
For MORUS, a product has to be simple, practical, useful and beautiful. It also needs to be produced by the three key groups we work with (artisans, women and special folks). If I can’t decompose a product and make sure that each and every one of the three key groups has a role to play in producing it, then I can’t adopt the product in our collection. I literally need to think backwards in this journey. It is like a mathematical equation with a fun design twist in it!

The materials and techniques used to create Morus products are among the ones discovered on the Silk Road. What’s your favorite material, technique or product?
That’s a tough one, as I am really fond of it all. But if I had to choose, I would say: paper, silk-printing and our cool product “Stools in Bags”.



How are your products received worldwide? What type of feedback did Morus receive on the international market versus the Lebanese market?
The outcome has been very promising and encouraging, and both markets have been very receptive. I am high on making sure that we produce high-quality products, and this was clearly appreciated by all. Our focus is however on the international scene.

We discovered your brand at the Ambiente Messe, where the Morus booth stood out to us with its unique style. How did you find the Ambiente experience?
Thank you! This is our second year at Ambiente, and we like it there. There are great shows in Europe, but Ambiente answers our own needs.



What’s the biggest challenge you had to face so far for your brand?
Making the decision to start MORUS, I should say: making the very first step is always the hardest. The rest is one big adventure!

During your journey with Morus, what was your proudest moment?
It is too early to say, as the journey has just started and I haven’t yet reached my goals. I will have to get back to you in 10 years, I think!



What would you advise the Romanian handmade artisans in order for them to reach and succeed on the international market? 

To trust their instinct, be true to their art and never fail to take chances.

Do you know any Romanian designers or brands?
Not yet, but I would love to discover them. Maybe we can create a Romanian-Lebanese cooperation? How can you help?

I hope you enjoyed the interview and let yourself be inspired by simple and beautiful products, handmade through a really well devised system, inspired by tradition, life and natural materials.